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Hight school life

Triple Dog

Triple Dog is a kind of flip-flop with American teenagers, with which the kids pass the time. It is about courage tests that want to be passed - if not: Shnippshnapp, hair off. The casual Chapin has used a parent-free evening and invited her friends to the Triple Dog. None of the girls suspects that the evening will quickly get out of hand and take on a dangerous dynamism, where the test samples are increasingly rocking. After all, it is about life and death

S.H.I.T. - The Highschool GmbH

US American college comedy by Steve Pink. The problem, however, is that it is not a real college, but only a fictitious one for all those who are nowhere accepted.


Project X - behind this mysterious name does not conceal a mission to destroy the X-Men. And yet, during Project X, destructive forces are released that can not be imagined. At least this is not the plan of the three highschool mates Thomas (Thomas Mann), J.B. (Jonathan Daniel Brown) and Costa (Oliver Cooper), when they want to use the absence of a parental couple to celebrate the ultimate storm-free party. "Ultimate" is to be taken literally. The preparations are made, invitations are "selective" and the big day is approaching. To be able to report even later generations of their party, they want to record everything with their Digi-Cam. But when it is so far, the party is very fast with increasing alcohol consumption. The camera is now recording mercilessly the testimony of the destruction ...